Looking  to make your business more compliant with COVID-19 rules, here are a few products and services that could help. 

CoronaSmart does not endorse or guarantee any products listed on this page.

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Personal Protection

Whether you are looking for masks, gloves,thermometers or even COVID test kits, these suppliers can assist.  Click on the supplier name and you will be connected to their site.

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The HEALTHDOC App provides Employee Monitoring which addresses employee health screening, quarantine and isolation tracking, employee awareness and education, whilst also providing the company with its own Covid-19 Corporate Management Platform, enabling employee tracking and reporting.

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At CoronaSmart, we believe you deserve all the help that you can get in making your business more Covid-ready.  We have partnered with a network of consultants to provide you with support in meeting our standard and becoming certified.


Lisa Scriven - Utopia-Africa

+264 81 6466391


South Africa:

Gail Westphal - MWTH

+27 79 809 3238 


Monty Olivier - Greenpath  

+27 76 805 6363


Lisa Jade - GingerBiscuit

+27 82 909 1913

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