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The spread of global pandemics pose particular threats and challenges to businesses around the world, but more-so for the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors.

CoronaSmart has been developed to assist retailers and the accommodation, food-service, transport and meeting facilities in tourism to proactively meet these challenges through the implementation of sound, globally relevant and locally benchmarked measures.

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CoronaSmart is not a health and safety guarantee against a medical emergency situation, but it provides business owners and travelers with a standard and a management system that reduces, mitigates and avoids transmission of viral outbreaks.

Our aim is to provide you – the traveler, and travel professional, with a source of products and services that have implemented our stringent measures to reduce your potential to contract the latest COVID-19 virus.


Here we list those businesses that have taken the bold step to be independently audited and certified as compliant to our standard.


We know that travel will never be quite the same as it was, but we trust that our logo and endorsement will help you select your next tourism product or service with confidence and peace of mind.

Join us in helping these businesses recover from one of history’s most devastating emergencies.

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Proven Results

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Establishing Trust

We have developed a series of standards that you can download and apply. This is a free service to your business


Getting ​Recognised

If you want to be part of our global awareness and communication plan - and recognised as a CoronaSmart member, Certification is for you


Travelling with Confidence

For those looking to support CoronaSmart businesses, our directory of members helps you plan your travels.